SG Cartoons provides illustrations, design, layout and printing services for all types of publication, and any for purpose, including:
  • multi-paged corporate and commercial brochures
  • magazines, newpapers, non-fiction and fiction books
  • branding, marketing and promotions
  • games, calendars, gifts
  • announcements and directives
  • and all other forms of communication
Cartoons effectively communicate information, branding and education, and are a fun way to communicate serious information or directives to staff, clients and consumers.
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SG Cartoons provides workshops of any size and duration for:
  • corporations
  • institutions
  • clubs
  • schools
  • and all other organizations and groups
Our workshops are fun and effective. Participants will learn a fun new skill and at the same time stimulate their creativity and team spirit. Our clients include organizations such as The Singapore Police Force, JTC, LTA, MPA; educational insitutions such as ITE and Asian International College; corporations including the Walt Disney Company, Barclays Bank, OCBC, Renault; and recreational clubs such as the British Club, the Hollandse Club and many more. Contact us today to find out more about having this fun and creative activity for your staff and members!

EMAIL US at call 98737663

(a selection of our valued clients:)