Fun and effective introduction to cartooning. Learn how to create a cartoon from start to finish, using the techniques and tricks professional cartoonists use!

Story, character, emotion, action, dialogue, fun! Learn the basic techniques to turn your own ideas into fun cartoons! Take a half-day cartooning workshop with cartoonist Iskander in which you are introduced to the basics of cartooning, which you will apply on-the-spot. The hands-on activities help you to practice the key elements of this fun art form.

Your work will receive useful feedback, so you can improve your skills immediately! All materials are included in the fee. Contact us to sign up or to get more info!
The workshop is designed by professional cartoonist Iskander, who is widely published in magazines and newspapers, who has authored several book and whose animation has been commissioned by MTV and has been selected for the Singapore Short Film Festival.

Limited seats available - Suitable for all ages
we also organize workshops for all organizations
Preschool teachers have the best and most challenging job an educator can have. They teach children in their formative years. Life-long habits in behavioral approach and interpretive thinking are formed during the child's preschool education. Teaching children how to communicate, and how to process new facts and information effectively, is directly connected to creativity. Creativity is a tool that enables a child to view ideas and information from multiple angles, allowing for deeper understanding and greater retention of new knowledge. Creativity is an essential part of every child's education, but how do you get children excitied about being creative. SG Cartoons, together with preschool programme director and lecturer Kamarunisa Mohamed B(A)Psychology, M(A) Preschool Education, has developed a series of creativity workshops especially for preschool classroom teachers. Contact us to find out more!
Storytelling Through Cartooning
Filled with hands-on activities, in this one-day workshop the teachers learn how to have the most engaging classroom storytelling sessions by creating cartoons while you tell the story! This technique greatly expands the children’s understanding and appreciation of the story, as the cartoon is created with the children’s participation. Duration of workshop can be adjusted.

Cartooning Fun
In this workshop, teachers learn how to teach their students how to create cartoons. Through hands-on activities teacher are taken through the process of creating a cartoon step by step. Creating cartoons should involve all our knowledge and experience, and this workshop introduces and explains the creative processing that happens when we create cartoons, which helps children better understand and retain information. Duration of workshop can be adjusted.

All About Art Forms
This one-day workshop introduces the teachers to a wide variety of art forms and techniques, which are presented in a way to help teachers develop fun activities and learning session with their children. The workshop introduces each art form and through hands-on activities the teachers learn the basic techniques involved in creating the art form.
Duration of workshop can be adjusted.

The Art of Creating Art Activities
Through hands-on activities, teachers learn a range of interesting art activities especially designed for the preschool student. Ranging from making sculptures to class room installation art, this one-day workshop cover a wide selection of art forms that will inspire teachers to create fun and holistic art lessons that will enrich their students' knowledge and experience. Duration of workshop can be adjusted.

Video And Photography
In this workshop teachers learn how to make a video and the rules to taking fun and great-looking photographs. Through hands-on activities they learn the basic skills and techniques of video creation and taking photographs that impress, and how to create lesson plans to practice these techniques with preschool students. Duration of workshop can be adjusted.